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Mary Jo Kraus, PhD

Mind Shift Specialist

Welcome to Mindshifts 4 Life! I’m Mary Jo Kraus, Mind Shift Specialist, and one of the founding members of MS4L. I’m so happy you’re here.


As you may have deduced, MS4L is not a cookie-cutter approach to transformation. We offer an integrated approach, which uses our personal experience and feedback from participants to inform practice. This is a team-based approach that often results in greater success than conventional modalities.


Each of our 4 specialists brings a unique experience to her practice, which allows us to offer a diverse toolkit for healing, changing, and growing.


Here’s a little bit about my experience:


I surrendered to addiction in 1985. My life was in shambles. I so desperately needed a change, and sobriety was my only path forward. I learned that addictive behavior was a symptom of a deeper issue. I needed to release beliefs and behaviors that no longer served me and adopt new ways of seeing the world – only then could I carve a new life for myself.


I began with 12-step meetings and ultimately landed on the other side of the therapy couch. It has been a long and rewarding journey, and I have been fortunate. I feel light, joyful, and optimistic. I am honored and humbled by the opportunity to assist others who are in the position I once was.


My experience also includes practicing as a Rapid Resolution Therapy® specialist, adjunct professor, daughter, wife, sister, friend, aunt, and even flight attendant. I recently returned from a 5-month sabbatical. These facts don’t paint a complete picture of who I am, but every role I’ve played and experience I’ve had led to some kind of transformational shift. I have gathered wisdom that I couldn’t retire without sharing.


My experience and training as a therapist and educator contribute to my passion for MS4L. Denise, Louise, Rinda, and I have come together to empower others and support them through their transformative experiences. We all love creating energy to shift, laugh, and love.

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