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Our Passion


Mind Shifts 4 Life is all about wellness and adaptation

We all get stuck from time to time, experiencing troubling thoughts, emotions, and reactions.  But we don’t have to stay stuck.  Our minds can change and adapt!  Our passion is to provide resources, tools, and a community that promotes adaptation and thriving in the ever-changing nature of life, and our world.   Our intention is to empower our community to experience mind shifts beyond meeting with us, on their own, and through connecting with others. Mind shifts are changes in the way we think, feel, and respond, resulting in improved health and mental wellness. We know our own healing has a tidal wave effect on the world. 


"Beauty Lives Here"
Painting by Denise Kirsop

About Mind Shifts 4 Life (MS4L)


We began as a collaboration of 4 Mind Shift Specialists whose life experiences, training, and connection with each other have created dramatic improvements in our lives. Our energy, light, and heart fuel our passion to impact and uplift others. Although we are extensively trained in therapeutic modalities, we are now playing outside the therapy box.  We are integrating breathwork, meditation, yoga, play, creative processes such as art, energy, and much more into our lives and mind shift meetings and events.  Every day we are discovering new ways to shift, laugh, and love.  We are excited for you to have access to what we have found to be transformative. So, we have created Mind Shifts 4 Life! 

​Our aim is to provide tools and resources for YOU to cause mind shifts on your own. Of course, we absolutely welcome the opportunity to meet with you to get things accomplished. We provide 1:1 Mind Shift meetings, groups, and events. 

Who We Are


"Hummingbird Refreshment"
Painting by Denise Kirsop

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