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What Clients Say

I have worked with Denise several times and always come away feeling so empowered and free from whatever "gunk" was holding me back before. RRT is SUCH a powerful modality I recommend it to anyone I know looking to shift their life powerfully and best of all QUICKLY. The work you can do with RRT can do what years of talk therapy cannot. I STRONGLY recommend trying this out if you are ready for bigger and better things, healthier happier relationships and more self love!

Brenna Ruiz

I went in to the session a little cynical and skeptical, but it didn't matter. Something about this process really worked. It's like I've spent the past 20 years stuck spinning my wheels in the mud, and Denise helped get me out. I'm finally moving now and it's awesome.

Ryan Lewis

I have been through years of traditional therapy in the past and felt very good about my relationship with my therapist and what we accomplished. I also have read a lot of books and latest research on subjects of healing. So many times I thought I was "over" situations. I thought because I could talk about it and was able to express vulnerability around it, that was enough to "deal" with it. However overwhelming feelings would still continue to come back and I would question my sanity asking, "Why is this coming up again? Why is it still so painful?" Experiencing RRT, with Denise Kirsop, has essentially removed the feelings of stuckness and pain around the memories of events from my past. I just see them now as things that happened. I can talk honestly about the events or feelings that I had, without succumbing to the pain that they caused. It feels like Freedom. Words alone cannot express how grateful I am. Thank you for doing this work and helping me move forward.


I can describe the session which I had with Denise in one word: Amazing. She is open minded, understands all your problems and with only one session I am feeling much better. Thank you Denise.

What amazing results I obtained in just one session. Unlike talk therapy, this method quickly releases you from the emotions tied with trauma, grief and other difficult issues. Denise is terrific to work with. She is compassionate, patient, professional and gifted at this technique. I was really blown away by the results and the immediate release I received!

I can’t express how thankful I am! Denise has been a joy to work with and even after my 1st session I can see my thought process change and feel happiness again.

Denise is absolutely phenomenal. I have gained such an increased quality of life both as a parent and clearing my past trauma, anger and shame. The whole time it never felt like "work". Im so very grateful to have crossed paths with this very wonderful human.

Tammy Mantalas

After the first visit, I felt like the weight of the world was released from my shoulders. Life didn't feel so dark and heavy even on my happiest days. I felt much more clearer in my mind and not feeling like my mind was going a thousand miles a minute. So thankful for this therapy to give me peace of mind and allow myself to function much more clear everyday.

Denise has helped me with trauma and PTSD resolution extensively! Her techniques are light and energetic! I have found extraordinary results from her RRT techniques a lifechanger.

She’s amazing and will deliver results fast.

Denise is so kind and caring. She excels in this work quickly targeting the root cause and applying a plan to shift your mental processing. The mental shift clicked almost immediately in this session and the following day when I received news that would normally trigger me, I wasn't bothered by it. I could finally release the limiting beliefs that were holding me back and now I feel like a completely different person. This experience was truly priceless.

You are doing great work - thank you for giving people the tools to free themselves to optimize their lives.

My experience with Denise was amazing. I had a short consult with her and then scheduled a session. She is easy to connect with and really heard and understood me quickly. She helped clear out a lot of toxic thoughts and feelings I was having that were pervasive and interfering with my life. I told her I wasn’t quite sure how it happened but whatever she did helped to transform my life in many positive ways. She is truly an expert in her field and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. I have and will continue to refer her to anyone who feels stuck in their lives and challenged about moving forward after a new or old trauma.

I can’t recommend RRT sessions with Denise enough, she is highly skilled at this work. I came to her for help with social anxiety and feeling stuck, and working with her created so much freedom and ease in several areas of my life. I was surprised how much more energy I have available now that some of my old perceptions have been cleared, and I keep noticing how many situations that used to bother me no longer do. In addition, I had so much fun during our sessions, I never expected I’d laugh so much during therapy.

Amazing Session! I feel like my life shifted 360. I feel so much freedom, true freedom within me! Thank you for that.

Transformational experience covering and reprogramming so much in a single session.

From one session, I feel like I have very accessible tools for noticeable psychological and physiological shifts. The work is aimed at the lizard brain, which speaks in images, colors, sounds, smells. I found immense relief in a type of work that can circumnavigate my verbal gymnastics that thinks I know better and get right at the heart of my deepest helper. Left session feeling resolved, affirmed, and empowered.

Denise is very easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable and held space for me to be vulnerable. Our session made a difference in how I felt in my body and even in my perception of previous events.

My experience with Denise was awesome! She is truly a bright, guiding light and I felt so comfortable and connected to her. My session was extremely moving and after just a short time I felt a weight lifted and was relieved of stress I’ve been carrying for quite some time. I am so grateful for this experience and highly recommend Denise to anyone struggling with emotional stressors.

I am not sure how or why--and I didn't feel it immediately--but the session seems to have gotten me "unstuck" in some profound ways. For example: I've spent years wanting to go to grad school but kept making excuses; after RRT, suddenly the excuses all seemed silly and it felt easy to go sign up and get started.

My RRT session with Denise was Ahhmazing! Firstly, she holds such a high vibrational frequency for you with her own energy that uplifts your own. The RRT session is also rapid to releasing unsuspecting trauma. I consider myself to be quite attuned to my trauma and I was surprised to recall what showed up for release during our session. It has created so much space within me and allowed other areas and aspects to open within me so that I can continue growing in my life. I love it and I highly recommend Denise's unique vibes!

RRT with Denise Kirsop has changed my life. I am no longer a victim of my past! RRT with Denise Kirsop is an enjoyable and totally positive experience!  Doing RRT has given me the positive healing experience I always hoped to have from my long tenure as a traditional therapy client! Much better than those!

RRT has changed my life. I believe that we worked through trauma that has kept me feeling worthless and stuck, with guilt and shame. I now have confidence, feeling empowered and with hope for the future. The flow of RRT is amazing and I can't say enough about it.

I really wanted this to work but I was a little nervous because it was so different.  I can say it was the best investment of my time and money...I felt freed from a struggle that has been in my life for decades. I would highly recommend this therapy and Denise!

I feel my mindset shifted instantly and significantly, I feel so much better.

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