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Denise Kirsop, LMHC

Mind Shift Specialist / Artist

You may have found your way here by visiting  You are in the right place!

I have collaborated with fellow mind shifters and formed Mind Shifts 4 Life (MS4L)! I am conducting the 1:1  mind shift meetings (utilizing RRT), and teaming with MS4L collaborators to provide additional events and resources. Now for a little about me...

When I was a kid I saved a fortune cookie message that said "There is nothing permanent except change." Even then I knew this was true.  Like many others, childhood was pretty scary and filled with never-ending changes. Because some data got "gunked" this made some adult changes equally scary.  I wrestled with insecurities, fears, limiting beliefs, and negative reactions throughout my life. Though these things can still pop up occasionally they no longer hang out. I like that so much better!


Though it hasn't always been easy, I continue to move toward big changes. My career is evolving from Licensed Mental Health Counselor to Mind Shift Specialist (because my process isn't traditional therapy). I went from not being sure about my creativity several years ago to completing over 600 paintings and counting. Now in my 50s, I've become enthralled with roller skating, which has increased joy, movement, and creativity in my life. It has also increased soreness and bruises, but worth it!

I am a Certified RRT Specialist and use this modality exclusively in my mind shift meetings.  I have been heavily involved in promoting Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT) through other roles with the Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy such as manual editor, trainer, mentor, director of the certification programs, member portal developer, course creator, and more. I have experienced much healing through exposure as a participant (and Specialist) of RRT, numerous RRT trainings, and the connections made. It has changed my life on so many levels and I love seeing it change the lives of my clients.

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