Denise Kirsop, MA

Mind Shift Specialist / Artist

You may have found your way here by visiting www.denisekirsop.com.  You are in the right place!

I have teamed up with some mighty mind shift specialists to form Mind Shifts 4 Life! While we will continue to schedule individual mind shift meetings, we are joining forces to provide resources and tools you can use on your own.  We are excited about sharing with you what we have found to be transformational.  Now for a little about me...

When I was a kid I saved a fortune cookie message that said "There is nothing permanent except change." Even then I knew this was absolute truth.  Change felt very scary as a kid, and can as an adult too, but I continue to move toward big changes. My career is evolving from mental heath counselor into MS4L Mind Shift Specialist. I went from not being sure about my creativity several years ago to completing over 500 paintings and counting. Now in my mid-50s, I've become enthralled with roller skating, which has increased joy, movement and creativity in my life. It has also increased soreness, pain, and bruises!

Many changes haven't been easy.  I wrestled with insecurities, fears, and damaging beliefs and reactions throughout my life. Though these things can still pop up occasionally (like when I start a new painting!) they no longer hang out. I like that so much better!

Since 2016, I have been heavily involved in promoting the mission of Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) through roles such as: Certified RRT Specialist, manual editor, trainer, mentor, director of the certification programs, member portal developer, course creator, and more. I attribute much of my healing to exposure as a participant and practitioner of RRT, numerous trainings, and the connections made.

My connection with RRT colleagues Mary Jo, Louise, and Rinda has led to the latest big change in my life -- forming Mind Shifts 4 Life.  The 4 of us were ready for something new.  Join us as we explore, discover, and share new ways of applying mind shifts 4 life!