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About Mind Shifts 4 Life (MS4L)

Our Mission


Mind Shifts 4 Life is all about adaptation

We all get "stuck" from time to time, experiencing troubling thoughts, emotions, and responses.  But we don’t have to stay stuck.  Our minds can change and adapt!  Our mission is to provide resources, tools, and a community that promotes adaptation and thriving in the ever-changing nature of life and our world.   Our mission is for our community to be equipped to experience mind shifts on their own, and through connecting with others.  Mind shifts are changes in the way we think, feel, and respond, resulting in improved health and mental wellness.  

Who We Are


We began as a collaboration of 4 Mind Shift Specialists who realize our training and many conversations over the years have had much impact on how our lives have transformed, personally and professionally.  We feel that while 1-2 mind shift conversations can cause a shift, there is so much value in the continued conversations and application of new techniques to cause more shifts and keep mind working optimally.  So we have created Mind Shifts 4 Life.  

​We provide 1:1 Mind Shift meetings but also want to provide tools for people to cause mind shifts on their own, and therefore, not dependent on a Mind Shift Specialist (unless they need extra assistance to get something unstuck).

Meeting with a Mind Shift Specialist

1:1 Mind Shift Meetings


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Mind Shift Groups


Mind Shifts 4 Life will be offering many groups that will promote mind and body wellness.  We are in the planning and development stages now.  More to be announced soon!

MS4L Member Community

Why a Community?


Our minds are built for connection. We thrive best when we are not experiencing loneliness and isolation. It helps to know we are not alone.

We are intending health and wellness as we support, guide, and share mind shifting perspectives, tools, techniques, and processes that everyone can do on their own.

You will find inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective each and every day!  Groups, courses, and other mind shifting events will be offered regularly.


We invite you to join our community as, together, we continue to tune our minds to engage with our world with wellness, wisdom, clarity, and peace. 

What You Get


When you join the MS4L community, you:

  • have access to tools and resources that cause mind shifts and transformations.

  • learn a different and powerful way of understanding how the mind works.

  • learn about the power of language and how little tweaks can make big differences.

  • meet and interact with fellow wellness enthusiasts who are succeeding in making significant shifts/ improvements in their life.

  • learn how you haven't been causing the problematic thoughts, feelings, sensations, and responses.

Is This For You?


You would benefit if you:

  • have been feeling stuck

  • are interested in mind and body wellness

  • are interested in learning how the mind works

  • are interested in being strategic and effective despite circumstances, instead of reactive

  • are looking for opportunities to connect with other fun-loving, creative, and consciousness-raising wellness enthusiasts

  • are ready to think outside of the box -- perhaps unusual perspective

  • are interested in increasing clarity, joy, peace, excitement, and so much more

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