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  • relationship issues

  • anxiety

  • PTSD

  • sexual trauma

  • grief

  • heartbreak

  • low self-esteem

  • anger / resentment

  • addiction

  • childhood abuse

  • fears and phobias

  • guilt / shame

  • chronic pain

  • performance or academic issues

Feeling Stuck?

If you have been having troubling thoughts, feelings, or responses, you haven't been choosing to think, act, or feel this way, so how could you possibly choose NOT to? 

If you have been feeling stuck it is likely the attempts to cause change have been affecting only the conscious part of your mind, not the subconscious, which you can not control.  Troubling events, beliefs, and meanings can be stuck, causing a data misread or a data "blip" of perceived threat even if there isn't one.  When this happens, the subconscious mind causes troubling thoughts, feelings, sensations in order to get you to take action so you survive, thrive, or get something to be better.  It is all about protection, but it is unnecessary protection when there is no immediate imminent a lion chasing you! 


With Rapid Resolution Therapy, you DON'T have to feel worse BEFORE feeling better! Most clients see me 1-3 times and leave our first session saying "Wow! I feel better already." You won't have to do homework, relive a trauma, or even know why you've been stuck.

Rapid Resolution Therapy® 


"It's about data, not destiny"

What Is Rapid Resolution Therapy®?

Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT), created and developed by Dr. Jon Connelly, is an integrative approach that clears the negative effects of painful events, beliefs, and meanings.  Many of these events can be traumatic, but it is not necessary to have experienced trauma to benefit from RRT.  

This approach to healing and positive change utilizes precise and strategic multi-level communication that clears the effects gently and painlessly even if the event, belief, or meaning has been repressed, forgotten, or not known. When something painful or disturbing is experienced, it can slam into awareness leaving a lasting impression. Even when the experience is finished, deeper parts of the mind may continue to respond as if the disturbing event is still occurring.  Even experiences that have been forgotten can continue to exert a negative influence.  By eliminating the ongoing influence of events, beliefs, and meanings, blocked energy is released, healing occurs and change is automatic.

  • gentle and painless; often fun

  • conflict blocking desired change disappears

  • root causes of problems are pinpointed and cleared

  • positive changes endure

  • negative emotions and destructive behavioral patterns are eliminated

  • dramatic improvements in thoughts, feelings, and behavior

  • promotes mind-body healing

  • it is a brief therapy