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Rinda Rosenberg, MS

Mind Shift Specialist 

Overthinking and perfectionism used to be my jam. There was this sense of lack and deficiency that drove me to striving … I’d gobble up perspectives and how-tos the way someone else would pound down potato chips and candy. I’d get sucked right out of my life and into my head. Trying to satisfy that driving force lasted decades for me - as a theme and motivator (and proof to myself that I didn’t measure up!) It eventually landed me in grad school and through countless trainings, workshops, and books.


While exploring modalities as a psychotherapist, I discovered the powerful Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT) modality.  I found RRT to be invaluable for serving my clients and causing profound transformations for them. It also helped mellow my own anxiety - what had been fueling the striving I mentioned earlier.  I also got relief from painful grief (and related shame and guilt) and symptoms from trauma. 

I became all things RRT - first as a training attendee junkie, eventually getting into teaching and volunteering endless hours. This is how I got to know Louise, Denise, and Mary Jo - they were right in there with me, writing the manual, studying transcripts, developing courses, and collaborating on all things RRT. 

Meanwhile, yoga, meditation, and various other, what I think of as, deepening experiences became a big part of my life. They got me out of my head and seeped into my meetings with clients. Louise, Denise, Mary Jo, and I were into their own pursuits, and we’d excitedly share with each other discoveries we made and about amazing paradigm shifts - either in a meeting with a client or in ourselves (sometimes both!) It was during these collaborations we really got how much we gain from our shared experiences. 

We’d love to have you join us for an MS4L event.  I look forward to meeting you!

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